Jason and Tamara

This is a late posting of my most recent commission, which I finished last year. Haha. The couple are friends of mine who wanted a very specific painting. It combined their love of the 50s, Shag paintings, a particular color palette, alcohol, their house, and my skill. She is very artistic herself, which made it more of a challenge, I think, as well as more fun than other commissions I've done. I'm very pleased with it, I must say. It is an oil painting, 2x3'? It took about 50 hours from beginning sketches to final painting. 


Paper Cut-Out Card

Lately, this has been my favorite card-making technique: layering watercolored shapes onto a page to make a scene. I've never liked giving cards from the store. I'd much rather make a cool one. Unfortunately, being me, they always take way too long because I get all involved in it. This is a late birthday card for my Dad. The theme isn't like his favorite or anything, I just decided to make a mountain scene. That's how I tend to work with cards, I pick a theme or subject that will show off the art medium the best. This probably took about 3 hours. It's about 5"x 8".


Adam and Eve Coloring Page

The Sunday School teacher at my church asked if I would illustrate some coloring pages for the kids. Here is Day 6--the creation of animals on the land and Adam and Eve. Graphite. I was on a time limit, but that actually made the challenge more fun because I was stretched to come up with a design quickly. I looked up a random selection of animal google images that I thought would be interesting to draw be colored and simplified them into cartoons with bold shapes with almost no pre-sketches. I really like how it came out. This project is bringing me back to the caricature days, when a customer could ask you to draw any animal under the sun and you had 20-30 minutes to draw their face and the animal and the body and background in an appealing, fun, cartoony, exaggerated way and color it. Live caricature artists have my respect. I haven't done that in a while, but I've watched many pros at it, and even though they make it look like a breeze, I know the practice, work, concentration, and attitude it takes to do a great piece of artwork in such a short time to make a pleased, laughing customer at the end of the day. My hat's off to them!

Graphite Pincushion Doll Still Life

This is a drawing I did for my Mom for Christmas. It's a still life of a pincushion doll Mom got from my Grandma. My grandma was a gifted quilter, and she used this pincushion doll all her life. Mom has good memories of the doll from her childhood and was delighted to get it when grandma moved to an elder care home. I had painted a hacked off version of the doll that was only half done and wonky, but Mom took a liking to it and put it up on her wall. It was kind of bugging me as an artist to visit my parents house and constantly see a painting on the wall that I did that I didn't really like or think was all that great, so I decided I would do a better piece of art and give it to her for Christmas. I did it in graphite, 4b, I think, and framed it at Michaels. At this point, it's going to be a birthday gift in March because it all came together so late. More could have been done, and I'd like to do a better color version someday, but I think this drawing captured the doll's essence, and I think she'll like it and be very surprised.


Graphite Portrait

Here's something to keep up appearances:) I can hardly believe it's been four months!!
This was copied from Vogue again, but I purposely left out the hat and dress to try and kind of make it my own. This took a couple days.


"I'm a Good Draw-er"

Before I forget and not post for another 5 months, here is my latest finished drawing. It's in 4b pencil and I don't remember how long it took. Maybe 10 hours? It's about 9x12. The face is from an advertisement in Vogue, of course. I was playing around with morphing shapes, flat vs 3d, and abstract vs realism. I kept getting too busy with the background shapes and would erase and smooth and start over, etc. I'm fairly happy with it, mostly because I learned more about my style and my tendencies. Since I've drawn/painted from life and pictures and other paintings all my art life, it's been difficult to pull myself into a little creative digression from realism. I'm enjoying it, but I don't have the hang of it yet. 

Watercolor Tree

This is a watercolor sketch of a tree in the backyard. It only took about an hour, and it shows. But I wanted to get some art in for practice and I like this tree so I'm happy with it in that sense. I hope to do the tree again a few times.